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The Troika gave Ireland more autonomy over social security cuts than is commonly recognised
By Rod

Does society want policies that benefit future generations?
By Hilary Graham and Piran White

What's the problem with payday lending?
By Karen Rowlingson

All in it together? The Uncomfortable realities of food poverty and food aid in the UK
By Maddy Power


Beyond methodological nationalism: adding a territorial perspective to the study of social assistance
by Davide Vampa

The social union and the political union post-Cameron
by Mark Simpson

Australian fathers disagree that “there is absolutely nothing for new dads to do” and want to spend time bonding
by Michelle Brady, Emily Stevens, Laetitia Coles, Maria Zadoroznyj and Bill Martin

Work enforcement in liberal democracies
by Tania Raffass

Why 'we need to talk about impact' in social policy
by Katherine Smith and Ellen Stewart

How have charities' incomes changed during the Great Recession and 'age of austerity'?
by David Clifford

Where do English and Welsh charities operate overseas?
by David Clifford


An appropriate 'national living wage' is likely to have a considerable impact on improving the social quality of the lives of the working poor
by Mark Tomlinson, Liam Foster and Alan Walker

Social service quality enhances social cohesion, even in tough times
by Rhys Andrews and Sebastian Jilke

A Comparison of the Work Capability Assessments in the UK and Norway
by Heidi Moen Gjersøe

Markets are not morally neutral
by Katherine Curchin

New welfare, new policies: towards preventive worker-directed active labour market policies?
by Rik van Berkel and Paul van der Aa

Do biased assessments and stereotyping explain gaps in primary attainment?
by Tammy Campbell

Caveats about the use of 'resilience' concept in social sciences
by Hulya Dagdeviren

Government's flagship Welfare-to-Work scheme – failing the 'harder to help' by design?
by Eleanor Carter


Policies of Personalisation in Norway and England: On the impact of political context
by Karen Christensen and Doria Pilling

Attitudes towards School Choice and Faith Schools in the UK: A Question of Individual Preference or Collective Interest?
by Stratos Patrikios and John Curtice

Could personalisation reduce re-offending?
by Alex Fox, Chris Fox and Caroline Marsh