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Invited contributions from the annual IOP Plasma Physics conference

This Special Issue of JPP contains invited contributions from the annual IOP Plasma Physics Conference. It is edited by Stuart Mangles.

This conference covered all disciplines, including magnetic and inertial confinement fusion, astrophysical plasmas, low density and technological/industrial plasmas, high energy density and laser plasmas, dusty and complex plasmas and non-neutral plasmas, plasma surface interactions, plasma applications including medical applications and plasma diagnostics.

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Indexing and arxiv

All articles published in JPP are included in all major indexes, including ADS, ISI, and Scopus. Furthermore, JPP works with arxiv to ensure that any preprints posted on the arxiv are automatically linked to the final version of record when published in JPP. We encourage all JPP authors to post their preprints on the arxiv.

Editor of the Special Issue:

Stuart Mangles

PLA_editorial board photo_Stuart Mangles

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