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Culham Thesis Prize winners

Culham Thesis prize winners collection

This Special Issue of JPP, contains commissioned papers from the winners of the Culham Thesis Prize. This Prize is awarded annually to a "candidate who has displayed excellence in the execution of the scientific method as witnessed by the award of Doctor of Philosophy in Plasma science from a UK or Irish university". The prize is sponsored by the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in coordination with the IOP Plasma Physics group.

Special issue editors:

Christopher Ham

Ken McClements

Indexing and arxiv

All articles published in JPP are included in all major indexes, including ADS, ISI, and Scopus. Furthermore, JPP works with arxiv to ensure that any preprints posted on the arxiv are automatically linked to the final version of record when published in JPP. We encourage all JPP authors to post their preprints on the arxiv.


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