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JPP Open Collections
01 Jul 2021

Experiments at the frontier of fundamental Plasma Physics - Open

Edited by: Cary Forest and Troy Carter

Fast Radio Bursts: the Challenge to Extreme Plasma Astrophysics - Open

Edited by: Dmitri Uzdensky, Roger Blandford, Jon Arons, Maxim Lyutikov

Fundamental problems of plasma astrophysics: new perspectives - Open

Edited by: Antoine Bret, Francesco Califano, Thierry Passot, Alex Schekochihin, Luis Silva and Dmitri Uzdensky

Hamiltonian Methods in Plasma Physics - Open

Edited by: Thierry Passot, Emanuele Tassi and Hong Qin

Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas: New Perspectives - Open

Edited by: Bill Dorland