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Past title information
Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy
  • ISSN: 2169-9763 (Print), 2169-978X (Online)
  • Frequency: 3 issues per year
The Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy welcomes articles on all dimensions of comparative and international social policy. Papers will enhance and develop theoretical, empirical and methodological insights and knowledge in the field and a greater understanding of different welfare systems and policy actors operating nationally and internationally. We welcome papers that are comparative and/or international in scope including those that focus on national, world regional or global social policies. Country case studies that locate national welfare systems within a comparative or international context are also welcome. Articles may deal with policy processes as well as welfare outcomes and cover the full range of the 'welfare mix' within social policy.

This journal has previous editions under the titles of Journal of International and Comparative Social Welfare (1984-1994), New Global Development: JI&CSW (1995-2005), and Journal of Comparative Social Welfare (2006-2012) - which are all available via Taylor & Francis.
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