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Sponsorship and advertising

Requests for sponsorship arrangements will be assessed in accordance with the following principles:

  • Transparency and rigour in all dealings
  • Strict maintenance of an independent editorial process
  • Proportionality of benefits

We do not solicit or accept sponsorship from entities:

  • Whose operations conflict with the Code of Ethics of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, or other relevant policies
  • Which applicable laws prevent us from interacting with
  • With whom an association might damage the reputation of Cambridge University Press or the University of Cambridge

Offers of sponsorship are subject to contract and may undergo an internal approval process by Cambridge University Press, in addition to approval by the journal’s editorial office.


This journal accepts advertising in accordance with our advertising policy. This policy states that advertising must:

  • be independent from editorial decisions on what we publish, and
  • be clearly distinct from content.  

All advertising requests are subject to approval by the editorial office.

Further information about advertising in Cambridge University Press journals can be found here.