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Migration and politics in Italy and Europe

In recent years, migration has been one of the most significant  factors in the transformation of European politics and societies. In particular, since the refugee crisis of 2015, migration has been fundamental in reshaping public debate and  influencing party competition, public policies, and EU-member state relations.  For obvious geographical reasons, Italy is, within Europe, one of the countries that has been most affected by these migratory changes. Given its relevance to so many aspects of political life, it is hardly surprising that the migration issue has attracted widespread attention within the European political science community, and the Italian political science community in particular. 

The Italian Political Science Review has published extensively on this subject, with contributions covering a range of perspectives, including:  media framing of the migration issue; the effects of migration on party strategies in the electoral and institutional arenas; policy design in relation to migration; and the public reaction to migration policies.

The present collection is a selection of several recent IPSR articles tackling the subject of migration from different perspectives, focused on Italy or with a comparative perspective. We hope they will help to enrich the academic debate on an issue that will certainly continue to shape  Italian and European politics in the coming years.

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