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2019 High Power Laser Science and Engineering Editor-in-Chief Choice Award
18 Mar 2020

The article entitled “Technology development for ultraintense all-OPCPA systems” was selected as the 2019 High Power Laser Science and Engineering Editor-in-Chief Choice Award paper.

This article was authored by J. Bromage, S.-W. Bahk, I. A. Begishev, C. Dorrer, M. J. Guardalben, B. N. Hoffman, J. B. Oliver, R. G. Roides, E. M. Schiesser, M. J. Shoup III, M. Spilatro, B. Webb, D. Weiner, and J. D. Zuegel from University of Rochester. Congratulations to all of the associated authors of this work.

The first author Jake Bromage will give an invited talk at The 4th International Symposium on High Power Laser Science and Engineering (HPLSE2020). HPLSE2020 is organized by Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Acceptance speech from the winner of 2019 HPL EIC Choice Award

About the Editor-in-Chief Choice Award
The Editor-in-Chief Choice Award-winning papers are selected by Editors-in-Chief of High Power Laser Science and Engineering. The papers are evaluated based on the quality, downloads, citations, and the importance of the work to the field. The winner will be presented a certificate and a bonus of ¥10,000. The award is sponsored by Chinese Laser Press (CLP).