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Hegel Hub

Welcome to the Hegel Hub

In 2020 we celebrated Hegel’s 250 birthday and brought together leading scholars to create a collection, including podcasts, videos, and blog posts, covering the gamut of Hegel's philosophy—including logic, life, art, politics and religion. 

We wanted to continue to explore his lasting impact on philosophy, so have created this Hegel Hub.

So grab a coffee and take some time out to enjoy Hegel's philosophy. 

Listen to Talking Hegel

Hegel Collections

We will be collating collections of articles to support Talking Hegel

More to follow...

Hegel Bulletin

Read our Hegel Blog

  • Hegel in Kyoto
  • 15 October 2020, Gregory S. Moss
  • Why is there something rather than nothing? The fact of existence cannot be explained by an appeal to any beings, since this would assume what it wants to prove.…...
  • Mutual recognition or tragedy?
  • 20 August 2020, Stephen Houlgate
  • Hegel’s philosophy is notoriously difficult, but when I first studied his Phenomenology and Philosophy of Right in the mid 1970s I was struck by a simple idea...
  • Hegel is Fun
  • 19 August 2020, Daniel Lindquist
  • Hegel has a reputation as a difficult philosopher, and often people treat the complexities of his texts as being due to his intensely systematic aims.…...

An interview with Terry Pinkard

Watch author Terry Pinkard discussing Hegel, including key elements of his work, his relevance today, and how our understanding of Hegel has changed. 

Terry also talks about his own distinctive readings of Hegel's philosophy and which interpretations of Hegel's work he identifies with.