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  • ISSN: 2633-4259 (Online)
  • Editor: Juan G. Santiago Stanford University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford, California 94305-3030, USA
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Flow focuses on the applications of fluid mechanics to technology, natural, and medical sciences, and descriptions of the physical world. An open access companion journal to the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Flow is a translational journal that seeks to leverage the principles and tools of fluid mechanics and transport phenomena to enable devices and systems that benefit humankind, or provide scientific insights into nature. The novelty of published work can be in an analysis method, application or their combinations. Applications can also include non-fluid systems. Papers should be intelligible to a broad scientific audience.


An introduction to Flow from Editor-in-Chief Juan G. Santiago

Meet Flow Associate Editor Professor Lisa Fauci

A short introduction to Flow by the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Juan Santiago.