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EuConst Book Reviews

The European Constitutional Law Review has a special section devoted to book reviews. All books concerning EU constitutional law, comparative public law of European states, political and constitutional theory as well as constitutional history qualify for review. The journal welcomes submissions of proposals as well as finished reviews.


The journal especially welcomes reviews that critically analyse a book’s key claims and arguments, its position in the field being studied and how it might serve a starting point for new lines of scholarly research. The journal has a preference for reviews within one year of a book’s publication. Review essays covering several books are encouraged.


As a general rule, reviews should not exceed 5,000 words. As with all contributions to the journal, reviews are to be published in the house style, which can be downloaded here.

Contact and Proposals

The book review editors are:

  • Nik de Boer, University of Amsterdam;
  • Vestert Borger, Leiden University; and
  • Paul Post, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

Proposals for reviews and finished reviews may be sent to

New books for review

Hardcopies for review can be sent to:

University of Amsterdam
Dept Public Law
Nik de Boer, room A9.05
Valckenierstraat 59
1018 XE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Announcements of new books and offers for ordering review copies are welcome at