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  • ISSN: 0045-5091 (Print), 1911-0820 (Online)
  • Editor: Mark McCullagh University of Guelph, Canada
  • Editorial board
The Canadian Journal of Philosophy was founded in 1971 by four Alberta philosophers, John King-Farlow, Kai Nielsen, T. M. Penelhum, and W. W. Rozeboom. Since its founding, CJP has grown into a widely respected philosophy journal with an international reputation. CJP is registered in Alberta as a private not-for-profit corporation. It is managed by its Board of Editors.

Aims and scope

CJP aims to publish the best work in any area of philosophy in English, that will be of interest to a general philosophically educated readership. The Journal receives close to 500 submissions every year from authors around the world. All papers are anonymously reviewed and are selected on the basis of whether they make significant, original contributions to the philosophical debates they address.

CJP's annual acceptance rate is typically close to 5%. In addition to publishing regular articles, we publish brief discussion notes responding to articles published in the CJP. Roughly each year we publish a Special Issue on a topic proposed by one of our Executive Editors. This may be 1, or a combined 2, of our 8 issues for that year.

Supplementary Volumes

The Journal long published Supplementary Volumes on dedicated topics. In recent years these have been designated Special Issues, which allows for variation in length. Contributions to these are sometimes refereed anonymously, sometimes invited, sometimes both: there is no uniform process. Each Special Issue is initiated by one of our Executive Editors, who decides (along with our Editorial Board Coordinator) on the editorial process.

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