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Editor-in-Chief for Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences (CJNS)

The Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF) is searching for a Canadian Neurosciences clinician with experience in the peer-review process to lead this established international neurological, neurosurgical and neuroscience journal.

 The general responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief are

  • Overseeing the scientific content, quality, and impact of the CJNS
  • Maintaining and managing an effective and efficient review process
  • Appointing Associate Editors and Editorial Board members
  • Preparing and submitting an annual report to the Editorial Board and regular reports to the CNSF Board of Directors
  • Chairing the annual Editorial Board meeting
  • Contributing to the Journal’s strategic plan, mission, and vision
  • Keeping informed of the mission, organization and operations of relevant Canadian Neuroscience organizations, including:  the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation (CNSF), their member Societies and other Neuroscience organizations.

Skill and Knowledge Requirements:

  • Background in scientific research and publishing
  • Interest in the business aspect of medical publishing
  • Ability to network broadly to encourage participation from authors and reviewers
  • Ability to establish and implement goals, strategies and tactics
  • Must be a CNSF member

Click here for the full EiC Job Description

NOTE:    Editorial support staff, stipend, managing editorial staff and operational systems are in place.

Send applications, including a CV to

Dr. Michael Hill, Chair
Selection Committee
Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation
c/o Dan Morin, CEO

Deadline for Applications:  September 30, 2023
Anticipated start date: January 2024