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Special Collection: The New History of the American Renaissance

The editorial board of Architectural History is pleased to present the journal's first Special Collection of themed articles, centered on 'The New History of the American Renaissance'. This collection is an expansion of the paper session held by the SAHGB and presented by Horatio Joyce at the Society of Architectural Historians (US) 2019 annual conference, marking the 40th anniversary of the Brooklyn Museum's exhibition The American Renaissance 1876-1917.

This Special Collection is guest-edited by Horatio Joyce, who explains how these eight articles present the subject in a new light, considering "what happened to American Renaissance scholarship in the interim, how the Brooklyn show first came about, and bring to bear on the movement itself recent developments from outside the field."

"The result is a better understanding of the roles played by race, gender, and class in the development of the American Renaissance, how it interacted with US imperial conquest in North America and in the Philippines, and how it played out in the home, in interior decorating, and outside, in landscape design and urban planning as well as in buildings. In turn, the special collection offers a much fuller account of a time—not unlike the 1970s and even to some extent today—when politics and architecture became peculiarly aligned." Read the full blog post from Horatio Joyce.

Enjoy free access to this collection until 28th February 2022.

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