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Express white papers

A new category of submissions for the APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing(ATSIP)

ATSIP is pleased to introduce a new type of paper submission that aims to facilitate the process of converting accepted conference papers into strong journal publications.

These new Express White Papers (EWP) will consist of an already accepted/published conference publication, together with a short summary of extensions to be developed by the authors to prepare a full journal submission. The editors will provide feedback within 2 weeks, with the goal of helping the authors prepare a stronger journal submission.

Each EWP will consist of the following:

1) An already accepted/published conference paper (format is open, we expect most submissions to be 4-6 pages), the paper itself will be included, in exactly the same form as was published at the conference.

2) Information about the conference where the paper was published, including publication dates, and a pointer to its published electronic version on the web (if available),

3) A white paper (up to 2 pages) discussing: a) motivation to extend the paper to a full journal paper (why the problem is important, results new, etc), b) improvements to be made for the extended version, c) discussion of novelty with respect to the conference paper.

Note that the white paper does not need to include the results of extensions to be included in the complete journal submission, only a description of the goals for the extended version and the motivation.

Our commitment will be to provide an answer to the authors within two (2) weeks.

Responses will be one of the following:

(1) strongly recommend full paper submission,

(2) full paper submission not recommended.

If the authors receive a decision of (1) they will be able to automatically submit their full-length manuscript to ATSIP. If decision is (2) then they will only be able to submit a new manuscript, but as a separate submission from the original EWP submission. Resubmissions and 2nd reviews are not possible at this stage. Once a manuscript is submitted as a full paper it will follow the usual process of a fresh journal submission.

Reviewers: There will be two reviewers per EWP, the EiC and one of the AEs. If the paper falls in category (1) then the AE will be charged with handling the paper once the full length version has been submitted.

APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing (ATSIP)

Why publish in ATSIP?

  • Broad range of topics: published work can cover both traditional signal processing applications and methods, as well as emerging areas and concepts
  • Both overview and original work manuscripts can be submitted
  • Open access: free, permanent, worldwide access to your article (no accounts are needed, anybody with internet access can download the work)
  • Rapid publication: continuous publication of articles as soon as they are accepted
  • Peer reviewed by international experts, first review response available in less than 2 months for full length papers (faster turn-around time for EWPs).
  • Free color, no overlength page charges (flat $600 processing fee on acceptedpapers prior to publication)
  • State-of-the-art online hosting including forward reference linking and extensive content alerts
  • Papers indexed by Scopus: Indexing approved in May 2014

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