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The Power of Scientific Knowledge
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It is often said that knowledge is power, but more often than not relevant knowledge is not used when political decisions are made. This book examines how political decisions relate to scientific knowledge and what factors determine the success of scientific research in influencing policy. The authors take a comparative and historical perspective and refer to well-known theoretical frameworks, but the focus of the book is on three case studies: the discourse of racism, Keynesianism and climate change. These cases cover a number of countries and different time periods. In all three the authors see a close link between 'knowledge producers' and political decision makers, but show that the effectiveness of the policies varies dramatically. This book will be of interest to scientists, decision makers and scholars alike.


‘A sweeping, yet intellectually precise and honest overview on when and how scientific knowledge influences policy making, ranging from Keynesianism to eugenics and climate change. Knowledge as 'lever for action' remains a precious resource - as contentious as it is desperately needed.’

Helga Nowotny - President, European Research Council

‘With their emphasis on the development of theory-driven knowledge for policy use, Grundmann and Stehr provide nothing less than the epistemological foundations of the modern welfare state. In no other book will the reader find such a unified account of the twentieth century’s signature knowledge-based policy debates - Keynesianism, race science and climate change.’

Steve Fuller - University of Warwick

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