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  • Print publication year: 2011
  • Online publication date: June 2012

12 - Kripke on Color Words and the Primary/Secondary Quality Distinction


The Lockean view appears to have been a dominant view on color, sound, and so on among analytical philosophers until about the mid- 1980s. One of the exceptions had been Saul Kripke in Naming and Necessity. Kripke qualified the "fixes a reference" view of color by developing new positive views about the semantics and overall functioning of words for colors and other sensible qualities, views that help explain our intuitions about his counterexamples to dispositionalism. This chapter attempts to summarize these Kripkean ideas, based especially on a transcript of a recording of the Michigan talk, on recordings of lectures of the 1987 seminar, and to a lesser extent on seminar notes and personal recollections. It briefly reviews some recent defenses of dispositionalism about color, and sketches some objections that could be made to them from a broadly Kripkean perspective.
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