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  • Print publication year: 2019
  • Online publication date: April 2019

Other Volumes in the Series of Cambridge Companions - Series page

  • Edited by Tom Stern, University College London
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • pp ii-ii
Abelard Edited by Brower, Jeffrey E. and Guilfoy, Kevin
Adorno Edited by Huhn, Thomas
Ancient Ethics Edited by Bobonich, Christopher
Ancient Scepticism Edited by Bett, Richard
Anselm Edited by Davies, Brian and Leftow, Brian
Aquinas Edited by Kretzmann, Norman and Stump, Eleonore
Arabic Philosophy Edited by Adamson, Peter and Taylor, Richard C.
Hannah Arendt Edited by Villa, Dana
Aristotle Edited by Barnes, Jonathan
Aristotle’s Politics Edited by Deslauriers, Marguerite and DestrÉe, Paul
Atheism Edited by Martin, Michael
Augustine 2nd edition Edited by Meconi, David and Stump, Eleonore
Bacon Edited by Peltonen, Markku
Berkeley Edited by Winkler, Kenneth P.
Boethius Edited by Marenbon, John
Brentano Edited by Jacquette, Dale
Carnap Edited by Friedman, Michael and Creath, Richard
The Communist Manifesto by Carver, Terrell and Farr, James
Constant Edited by Rosenblatt, Helena
Critical Theory Edited by Rush, FRED
Darwin 2nd edition Edited by Hodge, Jonathan and Radick, Gregory
Simone De Beauvoir Edited by Card, Claudia
Deleuze Edited by Smith, Daniel W. and Somers-Hall, Henry
Descartes Edited by Cottingham, John
Descartes’ Meditations Edited by Cunning, David
Dewey Edited by Cochran, Molly
Duns Scotus Edited by Williams, Thomas
Early Greek Philosophy Edited by Long, A. A.
Early Modern Philosophy Edited by Rutherford, Donald