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Kant on Representation and Objectivity
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Book description

This book is a study of the second-edition version of the 'Transcendental Deduction' (the so-called 'B-Deduction'), which is one of the most important and obscure sections of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. By way of a close analysis of the B-Deduction, Adam Dickerson makes the distinctive claim that the Deduction is crucially concerned with the problem of making intelligible the unity possessed by complex representations - a problem that is the representationalist parallel of the semantic problem of the unity of the proposition. Along the way he discusses most of the key themes in Kant's theory of knowledge, including the nature of thought and representation, the notion of objectivity, and the way in which the mind structures our experience of the world.


"Clear and well-argued, Dickerson's book makes a welcome contribution to recent Kant literature." Philosophy in Review

"The work at hand is a close study of the second-edition version of the transcendental deduction, and it succeeds admirably in providing an interpretation that is subtle, faithful to the text and to Kant's intentions, and philosophically interesting. It is an extremely helpful contribution to the field." - Brandon C. Look, University of Kentucky

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