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Book description

This collection shows the depth and range of James Joyce's relationship with key literary, intellectual and cultural issues that arose in the nineteenth century. Thirteen original essays explore several new themes in Joyce studies, connecting Joyce's writing to that of his predecessors, and linking Joyce's formal innovations to his reading of, and immersion in, nineteenth-century life. The volume begins by addressing Joyce's relationships with fictional forms in nineteenth-century and turn-of-the-century Ireland. Further sections explore the rise of new economies of consumption and Joyce's formal adaptations of major intellectual figures and issues. What emerges is a portrait of Joyce as he has not previously been seen, giving scholars and students of fin-de-siècle culture, literary modernism and English and Irish literature fresh insight into one of the most important writers of the past century.


'Whereas most scholarship tends to contextualize Joyce and his work in terms of literary modernism - which is to say, looking forward - this book looks backward and considers Joyce in the context of the culture, politics, economics, and literature of the the previous century … Many of the essays Nash includes offer interesting perspectives and will be accessible to those relatively new to Joyce's work … Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, faculty.'

C. S. Kalish Source: Choice

'This historicist volume is a valuable reinsertion of Joyce back into the century and the city that made him … James Joyce in the Nineteenth Century functions as a needed correction to the overemphasis on Joyce's modernist and Parisian contexts that will be of great use to scholars of the long nineteenth century and to those working in Irish Studies, in particular.'

Mary M. Burke Source: James Joyce Literary Supplement

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