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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: July 2011
  • First published in: 1880



La, the syllable used in solmisation for the sixth note in the scale, possibly derived by Guido from the sixth line of the wellknown hymn to S. John–‘Labii reatum.’ It is used by the French and Italians as a synonym for A (the sixth note of the scale of C)–‘Sinfonie en la de Beethoven,’ and they speak of the second string of the violin as ‘corde en la.’ ‘La bémol’ is A flat.

The number of vibrations per second for the A in the treble stave is–Paris diapason 435, London Philharmonic pitch 454. The A proposed by the Society of Arts, and actually in use (1879) at H.M. Opera, 444 (eq. temp.) [G.]

LABITZKY, Josef, a well-known dance composer, born July 4, 1802, at Schönfeld, Eger, was grounded in music by Veit of Petschau; in 1820 began the world as first violin in the band at Marienbad, and in 1821 removed to a similar position at Carlsbad. He then formed an orchestra of his own, and made tournées in South Germany. Feeling his deficiencies, he took a course of composition under Winter, in Munich, and in 1827 published his first dances there. In 1835 he settled at Carlsbad as director of the band, making journeys from Petersburg on the one hand, to London on the other, and becoming every day more famous. He resides at Carlsbad, and has associated his son August with him as director.

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