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Christianity in Latin America
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Book description

From the arrival of the conquistadores in the fifteenth century to the spread of the Pentecostal movement today, Christianity has moulded, coerced, refashioned, and enriched Latin America. Likewise, Christianity has been changed, criticized, and renewed as it crossed the Atlantic. These changes now affect its practice and understanding, not only in South and Central America and the Caribbean, but also - through immigration and global communication - around the world. Focusing on this mutually constitutive relationship, Christianity in Latin America presents the important encounters between people, ideas, and events of this large, heterogeneous subject. In doing so, it takes readers on a fascinating journey of explorers, missionaries, farmers, mystics, charlatans, evangelists, dictators, and martyrs. This book offers an accessible and engaging review of the history of Christianity in Latin America with a widely ecumenical focus to foster understanding of the various forces shaping both Christianity and the region.


'Christianity in Latin America is an excellent introduction for those wishing to study the impact of Christianity on a continent and its impact beyond.'

Source: Church History

'This book is a good introduction to the extremely complex issue of Christianity in Latin America. … There is no doubt that [it] will prove to be a very valuable textbook in survey courses dealing with the Church in Latin America. It could also be profitably used in survey courses of Latin American history to provide a unique topical focus.'

Source: Catholic Historical Review

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