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  • Print publication year: 2009
  • Online publication date: October 2010
  • First published in: 1897



Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia, composer, was born at Banstead, Surrey, February 7, 1825. She studied music under Pixis, Döhler, Thalberg, and Molique. Married to George E. March, November, 1874. She died at London, August 7, 1877, from the effects of a carriage accident.

Works.—Cantatas : Evangeline (Longfellow); Dreamland; Graziella. Operettas: Widows Bewitched; Grass Widows; Shepherd of Cornouailles; Who's the Heir?; A Rainy Day. Songs: A farewell; Ariel; At her wheel the maiden sitting; Across the sea; Alone; At rest; A dead past; A fisher's wife; Alone in the twilight; A mother's song; Arden towers; Asleep; A song in the heather; At my feet; At the window; Beryl; Beside the sea; Brighter hours; Bye and bye; Change upon change; Chattering; Calling the roll; Corra Linn; Dawn; Dawn of Spring-tide; Day is dying; Dream, baby, dream; Echo; Eight fishers of Calais; Emerald; Fisherman's Widow; Golden wedding day; Happy days; His work is done; He will not come; Hopeless; In the gloaming; Lady Moon; Lost love; Little blossom; Little flowers; Light in the window; Lady of Kienast Tower; Mountain echo; My love; Nightfall at sea; Only at home; Oh! spare my boy at sea; Only; The Opal ring; Pearl; The Prodigal son; Prisoner and the linnet; Ruby; Remembered; Sweet seventeen; Shadow light; Somebody's darling; Sacred vows; Servian ballad; Skipper and his boy; The surprise; Three roses; Tender and true; The ring; Under the palm; Wake my beloved; Work; Weep not for me; When the pale moon; Weary; When sparrows build. Partsongs, pianoforte pieces, etc.

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