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Chapter 8 - Inflammation of the Myocardium, Endocardium and Aorta

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  19 August 2019

Michael T. Ashworth
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London
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This chapter deals with inflammatory disease affecting the heart, both disease confined to the heart and inflammatory disease where the heart is affected as one among many other tissues. Myocarditis and its classification and investigation are detailed. Rarer forms including eosinophilic disease and giant cell myocarditis are also included. Endocarditis, both infective and non-infective, is discussed. Systemic inflammatory disease such as lupus, systemic sclerosis, rheumatic disease and sarcoid are also illustrated. Aortic inflammatory disease including Takayasu disease is described.

Pathology of Heart Disease in the Fetus, Infant and Child
Autopsy, Surgical and Molecular Pathology
, pp. 187 - 202
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Print publication year: 2019

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