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Latest from the blog - William Shakespeare and Cambridge University Press: A History

William Shakespeare was born just thirty years after the founding of Cambridge University Press, yet it was another three hundred years before the Press started printing his works. Since then, we have published his plays continuously in various forms.

To celebrate the launch of Cambridge Shakespeare, we took a whistle-stop tour through Cambridge’s Shakespeare publishing history.

Cambridge Elements in Shakespeare Performance

A dynamic collection of scholarship in a field that is at once always emerging and always evanescent. Responding incisively to the global range of Shakespeare performance today, the collection is a carefully curated hub launching provocative, urgent criticism for researchers, graduate students and practitioners. The series emphasizes scholarship with a direct bearing on contemporary contexts of Shakespeare performance: specific performances; material and social practices; ideological and cultural contexts; emerging or significant artists; the histories of performance.

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Language

The power of Shakespeare's complex language - his linguistic playfulness, poetic diction and dramatic dialogue - inspires and challenges students, teachers, actors and theatre-goers across the globe. It has iconic status and enormous resonance, even as language change and the distance of time render it more opaque and difficult.