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The Cambridge Prisms series will accelerate discovery and progress research by supporting the formation of new collaborative networks to address real-world challenges with a truly interdisciplinary ethos. Cambridge Prisms serve to facilitate conversation and debate of the latest developments and perspectives from the scientific, environmental, social science, medical, legal, economic, and ethics research communities. 

All journals in the series are fully open access and operate under open peer review in full transparency to further accelerate discovery.  

Coastal Futures, Precision Medicine, Global Mental Health (journal relaunch) and Extinction will launch in January 2023. Plastics and Water will join the series later launching in May 2023. Prior to launch, each journal has invited a number of world leading researchers to review the latest interdisciplinary solution-focused research within their area of expertise. This content will be published prior to launch and will fully populate and explore each journal’s topic map. All journals will open to unsolicited submissions at launch. 

If you wish to discuss Cambridge Prisms or your interdisciplinary research further, please contact us at

Introducing Cambridge Prisms