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Cambridge Core Share is the sharing service from Cambridge University Press.

Built with our users’ needs in mind, Cambridge Core Share is a tool that enables authors and readers to easily generate a link to an online, read-only journal article. This link can be freely shared on social media sites and scholarly collaboration networks to enhance both the impact and discoverability of research.

Cambridge Core Share is our solution for journal content to be shared quickly, easily and responsibly. Built and developed in-house, there are now over 300 journals benefiting from Cambridge Core Share. 

For a full listing of the journals involved please click here.                          

How does Cambridge Core Share work?

Cambridge Core Share allows authors, readers and institutional subscribers to generate a URL for an online version of a journal article. The link can simply be copied to clipboard, embedded directly into an email or a shareable PDF can be created housing the link and the title information about the article. Anyone who clicks on this link will be able to view a read-only, up-to-date copy of the published journal article.


  • The simple URL allows for articles to be shared freely on social sharing sites, scholarly collaboration networks and email, increasing both the discoverability and impact of research.
  • It allows for article usage to be recorded, enabling authors to further demonstrate the impact of their work. This is not possible in the current practice of sharing article PDFs.
  • The online link always allows for the final published version of a journal article to be shared, ensuring the content accessed on any platform, at any time, is always up-to-date.
  • Anyone who has been sent a link can view a journal article without having to be a subscriber to Cambridge Core, allowing for content to be shared and accessed more widely.

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