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Open research refers to a range of practices that are dramatically improving how researchers are publishing and sharing their work. These include more rapid and transparent publication processes, and open access publication of a wide range of research outputs such as journal articles, data and code. Together these practices seek to maximize the efficiency, impact, and reproducibility of research. 

We see open research as a fundamental step in our mission to advance learning, research and knowledge worldwide.

As a university press and not-for-profit publisher, we are working in partnership with the communities we serve to help shape the future of scholarly communication. We are pioneering new approaches that are sustainable and maintain our reputation for quality and excellence. All communities around the world must be able to benefit from open research, irrespective of funding levels or other inequalities. 

We’re committed to making all of our journal content available Open Access (OA) reflecting the belief that the pursuit of knowledge benefits directly from collaboration, transparency, rapid dissemination and accessibility.

We are unlocking the potential of high quality research and building an open future. We hope you’ll join us.

What are we doing to support our vision?
  • Rapidly transforming our Open Access journal program from more than 85% accepting OA submissions, to 100% fully OA. Read more
  • Providing our authors with an easy and accessible route to publish their research Open Access through landmark institutional Read and Publish agreements. We now have over 25 in place supporting authors at over 600 institutions globally. Read more
  • Launched our own open research platform, Cambridge Open Engage, providing researchers with a new and free way to share early research, connect and collaborate with their communities, and disseminate research, fast. Read more
  • Built a social sharing service, Cambridge Core Share, giving authors and readers the tools to share journal articles widely and responsibly. Read more
  • Working with the community to develop sustainable and transparent open policies to ensure all our stakeholders have the information and support they need to continue producing and re-using world-leading research. Read more
  • Working with our journals to encourage and support authors in sharing data, code, and other materials that underpin the research they publish. Read more

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