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Open Access

Publishing Open Access (OA) allows anyone, anywhere to find, read, and benefit from your research. Find out more about the terms used around OA here.


As an author, publishing OA provides substantial benefits


Submitting your manuscript for OA publication involves a series of processes

OA Submission Process

Author charges

The costs of publishing Gold OA are typically, but not always, paid through an article processing charge (APC) that is met by the author, or the author’s funding body or institution. Only authors of accepted articles are charged an APC and the payment process begins after an article has been accepted.

If payment is due, the corresponding author will be contacted by CCC-Rightslink who act on our behalf to collect author charges. Please follow their instructions in order to avoid any delay in the publication of your article.

All authors must complete the Rightslink transaction process, even if the APC is partially or fully discounted. More information on waivers and discounts can be found here.

Charges may also relate to the publication of colour images in print.

Read & Publish

At Cambridge University Press, authors can submit articles without paying the APC due to our agreements with a number of consortiums involved in OA. Find out more here.