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Cambridge Studies in Romanticism is a series of original critical studies devoted to literature in English from the early 1780s to the early 1830s, written against the background of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic and American wars, urbanization, industrialization, religious revival, an expanded empire abroad, and the reform movement at home. Books in the series have an interdisciplinary bias, examining for example the relations between literature and politics, science, philosophy or religion; or looking at gender relations, notions of literature, and literary history, as revealed in Romantic writing and the critical and theoretical traditions which the literature of this period has helped to shape.

  • Founding Editors: Marilyn Butler, University of Oxford
  • General Editors: James Chandler, University of Chicago
  • Editorial Boards: Nigel Leask, University of Glasgow, Paul Hamilton, University of London, Claire Connolly, University College Cork, Claudia Johnson, Princeton University, New Jersey, Alan Liu, University of California, Santa Barbara, Jerome McGann, University of Virginia, David Simpson, University of California, Davis, Essaka Joshua, University of Notre Dame, Deidre Lynch, Harvard University