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Chemical engineering is an evolving discipline. The boundaries are expanding and now cover such areas as advanced materials, microelectronics, bioengineering and environmental issues, along with traditional topics including energy processing and production of bulk chemicals. The Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering has been established to meet the needs of this evolving discipline. Both texts and professional books will be published, covering a broad spectrum of topics. Among classical subjects are kinetics, catalysis, reaction engineering, transport processes, separations, polymers, thermodynamics and process control. Innovative topics include - but are not limited to - environmental engineering, bioengineering, ceramics processing, catalyst design, complex fluids, molecular theory and pattern formation.

  • General Editors: Arvind Varma, Purdue University, Indiana
  • Editorial Boards: Michael Doherty, University of California, Santa Barbara, Ignacio Grossman, Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, Juan de Pablo, William Eckhardt Research Center, University of Chicago, Jim Yang Lee, National University of Singapore, Antonios Mikos, Rice University, Houston