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05 Apr 2019,


DSI ICED18 news item

The 22nd International Conference in Engineering Design (ICED), takes place 5 -8 August 2019 Delft, The Netherlands

The International Conference in Engineering Design (ICED) is the flagship event hosted by the Design Society.  The ICED conference series started in 1981 organized by the Workshop Design Konstruktion (WDK) group and continued by the Design Society since its founding in 2000 as a successor to WDK.  ICED is a biennial event bringing together design engineers, scientists, and practitioners presenting new design research, methods, and tools. The conference includes podium and discussion sessions, posters, workshops, social events, and the biennial general meeting of the Design Society members.

ICED19 will focus on engineering design in collaboration with other disciplines as the backbone of our future – a future that seems to become more complex, more dynamic, more interactive, and more time-critical. 

Designing for our future is difficult: what might be new technologies, what are new trends, what kind of products and services will succeed on the market? 

As designers, we must become more aware of the impact we cause in a complex world we do not fully understand. In the words of Meadows et al. (1972) from the famous book “The Limits to Growth”: “the global system of nature in which we all live – probably cannot support present rates of economic and population growth much beyond the year 2100, if that long, even with advanced technology.”

The proceedings of ICED19 mark the 94th publication of The Design Society (DS 94).

ICED2019: Responsible Design for Our Future
5 – 8 August 2019 | Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands