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Seminal cell-free DNA levels measured by PicoGreen fluorochrome are associated with sperm fertility criteria

  • F. Costa (a1), F. Barbisan (a1), C.E. Assmann (a2), N.K.F. Araújo (a3), A.R. de Oliveira (a3), J.P. Signori (a3), F. Rogalski (a3), B. Bonadiman (a1), M. S. Fernandes (a1) and I.B.M. da Cruz (a4) (a1) (a2)...


Previous investigations suggested that elevated cell-free DNA (cfDNA) can indicate non-healthy states. However, the potential association between cfDNA seminal plasma levels and fertility sperm parameters has not yet been determined. Therefore, the present study evaluated the association between seminal cfDNA levels and sperm fertility criteria to determine the use of seminal cfDNA quantification. An in vivo protocol quantified cfDNA levels of semen samples obtained from 163 male patients using fluorescent PicoGreen dye staining. To confirm if semen cfDNA quantification is realistic, an in vitro complementary test was performed using three or four semen samples. The fresh sperm samples were exposed to paraquat that generates high levels of superoxide anion causing oxidative stress and cell mortality. The results showed significant association between dsDNA levels and several sperm fertility parameters, such as low viability and alterations of motility and morphology. The in vitro analysis confirmed the association between dsDNA levels and sperm viability. Together, these results suggest that dsDNA levels could be an important biomarker to test sperm fertility.


Corresponding author

All correspondence to: Ivana Beatrice Mânica da Cruz. Laboratório Biogenômica. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria. Av Roraima 1000, Prédio 19, Santa Maria-RS 97105900, Brazil. E-mail:


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Seminal cell-free DNA levels measured by PicoGreen fluorochrome are associated with sperm fertility criteria

  • F. Costa (a1), F. Barbisan (a1), C.E. Assmann (a2), N.K.F. Araújo (a3), A.R. de Oliveira (a3), J.P. Signori (a3), F. Rogalski (a3), B. Bonadiman (a1), M. S. Fernandes (a1) and I.B.M. da Cruz (a4) (a1) (a2)...


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