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Preliminary assessment of aneuploidy rates between the polar, mid and mural trophectoderm

  • Tyl H. Taylor (a1), Tiffany Stankewicz (a2) (a3), Seth L. Katz (a1), Jennifer L. Patrick (a1), Lauren Johnson (a1) and Darren K. Griffin (a2)...


The objective of this study is to compare aneuploidy rates between three distinct areas of the human trophectoderm: mural, polar and a region in between these two locations termed the ‘mid’ trophectoderm. This is a cohort study on in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients undergoing comprehensive chromosome screening at the blastocyst stage at a private IVF clinic. All embryos underwent assisted hatching on day 3 with blastocyst biopsy and comprehensive chromosome screening. Biopsied blastocysts were divided into three groups depending on which area (polar, mid, or mural) of the trophectoderm was protruding from the zona pellucida and biopsied. Aneuploidy rates were significantly higher with cells from the polar region of the trophectoderm (56.2%) compared with cells removed from the mural region of the trophectoderm (30.0%; P = 0.0243). A comparison of all three areas combined also showed a decreasing trend, but this did not reach clinical significance, polar (56.2%), mid (47.4%) and mural trophectoderm (30.0%; P = 0.1859). The non-concordance demonstrated between polar and mural trophectoderm can be attributed to biological occurrences including chromosomal mosaicism or procedural differences between embryologists.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Tyl H. Taylor, Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte, 1524 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28207, USA. Tel: +1 704 343 3400. Fax: +1 704 370 0427. E-mail:


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Preliminary assessment of aneuploidy rates between the polar, mid and mural trophectoderm

  • Tyl H. Taylor (a1), Tiffany Stankewicz (a2) (a3), Seth L. Katz (a1), Jennifer L. Patrick (a1), Lauren Johnson (a1) and Darren K. Griffin (a2)...


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