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Morphologic analysis of sperm from two neotropical primate species: comparisons between the squirrel monkeys Saimiri collinsi and Saimiri vanzolinii

  • Wlaisa V. Sampaio (a1) (a2), Karol G. Oliveira (a1) (a3), Danuza L. Leão (a3), Maria C. Caldas-Bussiere (a4), Helder L. Queiroz (a2), Fernanda P. Paim (a2), Regiane R. Santos (a5) and Sheyla F.S. Domingues (a1)...


Sperm morphometry can be applied to identify different animal groups and species and to evaluate sperm quality. Furthermore, knowledge on species-specific differences will help to enhance biological information, as well as to develop efficient reproductive technologies. The aims in the present study were to describe sperm morphometry from the recently characterized species S. collinsi and S. vanzolinii, to verify if the morphometric sperm patterns are similar or different between both species, and to determine if the sperm morphometry is affected by the levels of sperm defects using the S. collinsi as a model. Semen was collected from S. collinsi (n = 10) and S. vanzolinii (n = 2) monkeys, and sperm was submitted to morphological analysis. From the 10 samples from S. collinsi, five presented sperm of poor quality and two subgroups were formed for this species, i.e. high and poor quality sperm. Data on sperm motility and vigour were analysed, as well morphometric parameters on sperm head and tail. It was observed the normal morphometry was correlated with high quality sperm. Poor quality sperm presented smaller and 7% more ellipticity in their head, when compared with high quality sperm. Sperm from S. vanzolinii presented larger head than those from S. collinsi, but tail lengths were similar. Sperm morphometry can be used as a complementary tool to predict sperm motility and vigour for the S. collinsi species, and S. collinsi appear as a suitable model for S. vanzolinii.


Corresponding author

All correspondence to: Regiane R Santos. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Federal University of Pará, Laboratory of Wild Animal Biology and Medicine, BR 316 Km 61, CEP 68740–970, Castanhal, Pará, Brazil. Tel.: +55 91 33114707. E-mail:


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Morphologic analysis of sperm from two neotropical primate species: comparisons between the squirrel monkeys Saimiri collinsi and Saimiri vanzolinii

  • Wlaisa V. Sampaio (a1) (a2), Karol G. Oliveira (a1) (a3), Danuza L. Leão (a3), Maria C. Caldas-Bussiere (a4), Helder L. Queiroz (a2), Fernanda P. Paim (a2), Regiane R. Santos (a5) and Sheyla F.S. Domingues (a1)...


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