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In vitro maturation alters gene expression in bovine oocytes

  • Paulo R. Adona (a1) (a2) (a3), Cláudia L.V. Leal (a3), Fernando H. Biase (a4), Tiago H. De Bem (a3), Lígia G. Mesquita (a3), Flávio V. Meirelles (a3), André L. Ferraz (a5), Luiz R. Furlan (a6), Paulo S. Monzani (a2) (a7) and Samuel Guemra (a2) (a7)...


Gene expression profiling of in vivo- and in vitro-matured bovine oocytes can identify transcripts related to the developmental potential of oocytes. Nonetheless, the effects of in vitro culturing oocytes are yet to be fully understood. We tested the effects of in vitro maturation on the transcript profile of oocytes collected from Bos taurus indicus cows. We quantified the expression of 1488 genes in in vivo- and in vitro-matured oocytes. Of these, 51 genes were up-regulated, whereas 56 were down-regulated (≥2-fold) in in vivo-matured oocytes in comparison with in vitro-matured oocytes. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of nine genes confirmed the microarray results of differential expression between in vivo- and in vitro-matured oocytes (EZR, EPN1, PSEN2, FST, IGFBP3, RBBP4, STAT3, FDPS and IRS1). We interrogated the results for enrichment of Gene Ontology categories and overlap with protein–protein interactions. The results revealed that the genes altered by in vitro maturation are mostly related to the regulation of oocyte metabolism. Additionally, analysis of protein–protein interactions uncovered two regulatory networks affected by the in vitro culture system. We propose that the differentially expressed genes are candidates for biomarkers of oocyte competence. In vitro oocyte maturation can affect the abundance of specific transcripts and are likely to deplete the developmental competence.


Corresponding author

All correspondence to: Paulo R. Adona. Agropecuária Laffranchi. PO box 45. Zip Code: 86125-000 – Tamarana, Paraná. Brazil. Tel: +55 43 33994700. E-mail:


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