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Histone hyperacetylation and DNA methylation interplay during murine spermatogenesis

  • Liliana Burlibaşa (a1), Andreea Carmen Ionescu (a1) and Delia-Mihaela Dragusanu (a1)


Male germ cell development is a critical period during which epigenetic patterns are established and maintained. The progression from diploid spermatogonia to haploid spermatozoa involves the incorporation of testis-specific histone variants, mitotic and meiotic divisions, haploid gene expression, histone–protamine transitions and massive epigenetic reprogramming. Understanding the protein players and the epigenetic mark network involved in the setting of the epigenetic programme in spermatogenesis is an exciting new clue in the field of reproductive biology with translational outcomes. As information in the existing literature regarding cross-talk between DNA methylation and histone hyperacetylation in the advanced stages of murine spermatogenesis is still scarce and controversial we have investigated the effect of a DNA-methyltransferase inhibitor, 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine, at the cytological and molecular level (by transmission electron microscopy, immunocytochemistry and immunoprecipitation methods). Our results revealed an important role for regulation of DNA methylation in controlling histone hyperacetylation and chromatin remodelling during spermatogenesis.


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Address for correspondence: Liliana Burlibaşa. Nos. 1–3 Aleea Portocalilor, Bucharest, Romania. Tel:/Fax: +40 213181565. E-mails:;


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Histone hyperacetylation and DNA methylation interplay during murine spermatogenesis

  • Liliana Burlibaşa (a1), Andreea Carmen Ionescu (a1) and Delia-Mihaela Dragusanu (a1)


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