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Generation of large pig and bovine blastocysts by culturing in human induced pluripotent stem cell medium

  • Qing-Shan Gao (a1), Long Jin (a1), Suo Li (a1), Hai-Ying Zhu (a1), Qing Guo (a1), Xiao-Chen Li (a1), Qing-Guo Jin (a1), Jin-Dan Kang (a1), Chang-Guo Yan (a1) and Xi-Jun Yin (a2)...


We investigated the effect of human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPS) medium on porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer and bovine in vitro fertilized early blastocysts, in comparison with North Carolina State University (NCSU)-37 medium and in vitro culture (IVC)-II medium. After 2 days of culture, the diameter of the portion of the blastocyst that was extruded from the zona pellucid dramatically differed between porcine blastocysts cultured in hiPS medium and those cultured in NCSU-37 medium (221.47 ± 38.94 μm versus 481.87 ± 40.61 μm, P < 0.01). Moreover, the diameter of the portion of the blastocyst significantly differed between bovine blastocysts cultured in hiPS medium and those cultured in IVC-II medium (150.30 ± 29.49 μm versus 195.58 ± 41.59 μm, P < 0.01). Furthermore, the total number of cells per porcine and bovine blastocyst was more than two-fold higher in blastocysts cultured in hiPS medium than in those cultured in NCSU-37 medium (44.33 ± 5.28 and 143.33 ± 16.05, P < 0.01) or IVC-II medium (172.12 ± 45.08 and 604.83 ± 242.64, P < 0.01), respectively. These results indicate that hiPS medium markedly improves the quality of porcine and bovine blastocysts.


Corresponding author

All correspondence to: Xi-Jun Yin. Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture, Yanbian University, Yanji, 133000, China. Tel: +86 0433 2435623. Fax: +86 0433 2435622. E-mail:


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