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Female fertility preservation strategies: cryopreservation and ovarian tissue in vitro culture, current state of the art and future perspectives

  • M.A. Filatov (a1), Y.V. Khramova (a2), M.V. Kiseleva (a3), I.V. Malinova (a3), E.V. Komarova (a3) and M.L. Semenova (a2)...


In the present review, the main strategies of female fertility preservation are covered. Procedures of fertility preservation are necessary for women who suffer from diseases whose treatment requires the use of aggressive therapies, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These kinds of therapy negatively influence the health of gametes and their progenitors. The most commonly used method of female fertility preservation is ovarian tissue cryopreservation, followed by the retransplantation of thawed tissue. Another approach to female fertility preservation that has been actively developed lately is the ovarian tissue in vitro culture. The principal methods, advantages and drawbacks of these two strategies are discussed in this article.


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