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Effect of gap junction uncoupling in full-grown Bufo arenarum ovarian follicles: participation of cAMP in meiotic arrest

  • Evelina I. Villecco (a1), Manuel J. Aybar (a1), Susana B. Genta (a1), Sara S. Sánchez (a1) and Alicia N. Sánchez Riera (a1)...


The aim of the present study was to determine the presence of the connexins Cx43, Cx32 and Cx26 in Bufo arenarum ovarian follicles during the breeding season as well as to analyse the possible alterations in the meiotic process when connexins are blocked by specific antibodies. Western blot analysis revealed that the Cx43 and Cx32 proteins were present but not Cx26. We demonstrated that the anti-Cx43 and anti-Cx32 antibodies produced the uncoupling of the gap junctions. When these junctions are blocked the maturation process is triggered in the oocytes. We determined that dbcAMP exerts an inhibitory effect on the maturation induced by the uncoupling of the gap junctions when the oocytes are injected or pretreated with this metabolite. We propose the idea that cAMP is the regulatory molecule in meiotic arrest in this amphibian species.


Corresponding author

Depto. de Biología del Desarrollo, INSIBIO (CONICET-UNT), Chacabuco 461, 4000-San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. Fax: +54 381 4248025. e-mail:



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