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Addition of granulosa cell mass to the culture medium of oocytes derived from early antral follicles increases oocyte growth, ATP content, and acetylation of H4K12

  • Miyako Sugiyama (a1), Mei Sumiya (a1), Koumei Shirasuna (a1), Takehito Kuwayama (a1) and Hisataka Iwata (a2)...


The main aim of the present study was to examine the hypothesis that an increase in the number of granulosa cells surrounding developing bovine oocytes results in both high ATP levels and an increase in the acetylation level of H4K12 in oocytes grown in vitro. Oocyte–granulosa cell complexes (OGCs) were collected from early antral follicles (EAFs, 0.4–0.7 mm in diameter), and individually cultured on 96-well plates with or without additional granulosa cell mass that had been prepared from other OGCs. After 16 days of culture, we examined: (i) the rate of antrum formation of the OGCs; (ii) the diameter, maturation, and fertilization rate of the oocytes; and (iii) the ATP content and acetylation level of H4K12 in the oocytes grown in vitro. Granulosa cell mass added to the culture medium contributed to the development of OGCs with a higher rate of antrum formation and oocyte growth. Furthermore, the addition of granulosa cells increased the ATP content and acetylation level of H4K12 in oocytes grown in vitro compared with those developed without addition of granulosa cells. In addition, there was a positive correlation between the ATP content in oocytes grown in vitro and the number of granulosa cells in the corresponding OGCs. The results suggest that granulosa cells play a role not only in the development of OGCs and the growth of oocytes, but also in the determination of ATP content and the acetylation of H4K12 in the oocytes developed in vitro.


Corresponding author

All correspondence to: Hisataka Iwata. Tokyo University of Agriculture, Funako 1737 Atugi City, Kanagawa 243-0034, Japan. Tel:/Fax: +81 46 270 6587. E-mail:


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