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pygmy POP A Genealogy of Schizophonic Mimesis

  • Steven Feld


Colin Turnbull's death, on July 28, 1994 (Pace 1994) hurdled me back into lengthy daydreams about the classes in anthropology I took with him from 1969-71 as a college junior and senior, classes that featured patiently detailed story after story drawn from his years of living with the Mbuti pygmies in the Ituri forest of Zaire. Colin was a humanist who came into anthropology from studies in philosophy and religion, and from a substantial background as a skilled keyboardist as well. He was my first model of an anthropologist whose understanding of sociability was nurtured by a deep musical engagement.



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pygmy POP A Genealogy of Schizophonic Mimesis

  • Steven Feld


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