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Prostitution in Canton

  • Miriam London and Ivan D. London


In the Soviet Union there are strict laws against prostitution. Nevertheless, if a man is interested in picking up a girl for sexual purposes, he knows where to go find one. Take Canton. Do men know where to find such a girl? I've had no personal experience, but 1 did learn something about this from others in 1971. It happened that I was sent on an errand by the large brigade. I had to get some wire cable, but there was none to be had in Canton, so my job was to procure it through the speculators' organizations.



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* Another respondent understands the meaning of "motor" differently: The- girls are so called because "as soon as electrical contact is made (i.e.. money produced), they will start 'running.'"

* i.e., attacked with a Chinese chopping knife.

* The transitive use of the word struggle corresponds to the speeial Chinese use of the word to mean a procedure leading to confession of shortcomings, "errors." or "crimes" bv the accused and may or may not involve physical torment.

Reprinted with permission from China News Analysis, Hong Konc.

Prostitution in Canton

  • Miriam London and Ivan D. London


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