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Editorial board

Dr Lucy Waldron, LWT Animal Nutrition Ltd, New Zealand

Assistant Editor

D. Kleverwal, World's Poultry Science Association, The Netherlands

Associate Editor

J.A. Castello, EVIALIS Nutrition, France

S. Cherepanov, Socialisticheskaya , Russia

D.K. Flock, Lohmann Tierzucht GmbH, Germany

D. Grastilleur, France

J. Zheng, China Agricultural University, China

Editorial Board

W. Bessei, Special Branch of Small Animal Breeding, Germany

I.J.H. Duncan, University of Guelph, Canada

D.J. Farrell, University of Queensland, Australia

R.M. Gous, University of Natal, South Africa

E. F. Guèye, Mali

P. Horn, University of Kaposvar, Hungary

P. Hunton, Cambridge, Canada

M. Lilburn, Ohio State University, USA

R.W.A.W. Mulder, EPE, The Netherlands

D. Narahari, India

Y. Nys, INRA, France

J. Okumura, Nagoya Bunri University, Japan

H. Pingel, University of Halle, Germany

R.A.E. Pym, University of Queensland, Australia

J.R. Roberts, University of New England, Australia

G.D. Rosen, London, UK

P.J. Sharp, Roslin Institute, UK

P.B. Siegel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA

S.E. Solomon, Brantome, France

M. Tixier-Boichard, INRA, France

S. Yahav, Institute of Animal Sciences, Israel