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Developments in understanding and assessment of egg and egg product quality over the last century

  • M. ROSSI (a1), Y. NYS (a2), M. ANTON (a3), M. BAIN (a4), B. DE KETELAERE (a5), K. DE REU (a6), I. DUNN (a7), J. GAUTRON (a2), M. HAMMERSHØJ (a8), A. HIDALGO (a1), A. MELUZZI (a9), K. MERTENS (a5), F. NAU (a10) and F. SIRRI (a9)...


The hen's egg, in the form of table eggs and egg products, forms a staple part of the world's total protein consumption. In the last century, there has been considerable research effort focusing on ways of improving egg production and enhancing the quality of eggs. More recently, and with the development and application of new molecular technologies, our understanding and knowledge of how an egg is formed, what it actually consists of, in terms of its major versus minor components, and what the functional roles of each of these components might be, have been greatly enhanced. For example, new previously unknown molecules with specific activity or functional properties have been discovered in the egg albumen and yolk, some of which have potential uses in pharmaceutical and other food related applications. This review paper, which is the collaborative effort of members of Working Group 4 - Quality of Eggs and Egg Products - of the European Federation of WPSA, describes the scientific research behind a number of these major advances and provides some insight to the focus of current research in this area.


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Developments in understanding and assessment of egg and egg product quality over the last century

  • M. ROSSI (a1), Y. NYS (a2), M. ANTON (a3), M. BAIN (a4), B. DE KETELAERE (a5), K. DE REU (a6), I. DUNN (a7), J. GAUTRON (a2), M. HAMMERSHØJ (a8), A. HIDALGO (a1), A. MELUZZI (a9), K. MERTENS (a5), F. NAU (a10) and F. SIRRI (a9)...


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