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Measurement system for over-the-air evaluation of UHF RFID tags quality

  • Riccardo Colella (a1), Luca Catarinucci (a1) and Luciano Tarricone (a1)


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is a consolidated example of wireless power transfer system in which passive electromagnetic labels called tags are able to harvest electromagnetic energy from the reader antennas, power-up their internal circuitry and provide the automatic identification of objects. Being fully passive, the performance of RFID tags is strongly dependent on the context, so that the selection of the most suitable tag for the specific application becomes a key point. In this work, a cost-effective but accurate system for the over-the-air electromagnetic characterization of assembled UHF RFID tags is firstly presented and then validated through comparison with a consolidated and diffused measurement systems. Moreover, challenging use-cases demonstrating the usefulness of the proposed systems in analyzing the electromagnetic performance of label-type tags also when applied on different material or embedded into concrete structures have been carried out.


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Measurement system for over-the-air evaluation of UHF RFID tags quality

  • Riccardo Colella (a1), Luca Catarinucci (a1) and Luciano Tarricone (a1)


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