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Weed Control in Sugar Beets by Combinations of Thiolcarbamate Herbicides

  • E. F. Sullivan (a1), R. L. Abrams (a1) and R. R. Wood (a1)


The herbicides n-propyl ethyl-n-butylthiolcarbamate (PEBC), PEBC + 2,3-dichloroallyl diisopropylthiol-carbamate (DATC), PEBC + ethyl N,N-di-n-propylthiolcarbamate (EPTC), and PEBC + 2,3,3-trichloroallyl diisopropyldithiolcarbamate (CP-22819) among others produced effective control of lambsquarters (Chenopodium album), pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus), Setaria spp. and other weed species without undue injury to sugar beet seedlings. PEBC + DATC also gave control of wild oat (Avena fatua), and increased the control of lambsquarters; however, this latter effect was inversely related to the control of other broad-leaved weeds. Control equal to PEBC was produced by PEBC + EPTC with 2.5 lb. less total active ingredient per acre. The herbicide 3,6-endoxohexahydrophthalic acid (endothal) gave inferior control of weeds. None of the herbicides tested effectively controlled kochia (Kochia scoparia).



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Weed Control in Sugar Beets by Combinations of Thiolcarbamate Herbicides

  • E. F. Sullivan (a1), R. L. Abrams (a1) and R. R. Wood (a1)


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