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Riboflavin-Mediated Photodecomposition of Amitrole in Relation to Chlorosis

  • Paul Castelfranco (a1), Ariella Oppenheim (a1) and Shogo Yamaguchi (a1)


The observation that riboflavin overcomes the chlorosis response of higher plants to amitrole was confirmed. Amitrole was shown to be decomposed in the presence of riboflavin and light. It is suggested that this decomposition proceeds by a free radical mechanism, either in the culture medium or in the plant.



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Riboflavin-Mediated Photodecomposition of Amitrole in Relation to Chlorosis

  • Paul Castelfranco (a1), Ariella Oppenheim (a1) and Shogo Yamaguchi (a1)


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