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The Phytotoxicity of Four Phenylurea Herbicides in Soil

  • T. J. Sheets (a1) and A. S. Crafts (a2)


The toxicity of the substituted urea herbicides may persist in the soil for considerable periods following treatment. Consequently, they have been used extensively as pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides and as soil sterilants. In the drier regions of the western states injury to cereals may occur when they are seeded in the fall following cotton which has been treated with the substituted ureas to control weeds. Because of the nature of these compounds and because of their rapid acceptance as herbicides, much interest has developed in relation to their breakdown in the soil.



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The Phytotoxicity of Four Phenylurea Herbicides in Soil

  • T. J. Sheets (a1) and A. S. Crafts (a2)


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