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Determination of Volatility Losses of C14-CDAA from Soil Surfaces

  • J. M. Deming (a1)


An accurate method of determining loss of 2-chloro-N, N-diallylacetamide (CDAA) from soil surfaces was developed. It was found that under some circumstances the volatility response to temperature was reversed to give a decreasing loss with increasing temperature. The volatility-temperature relationship was found to be strongly influenced by the amount of water present on the soil colloid, with increasing amounts of water accelerating CDAA volatility loss. The mechanism for this reaction appears to involve competition between water and CDAA for adsorption sites; however, this factor cannot be differentiated from removal of CDAA from the soil by simple solubilization in water with subsequent steam distillation.

A direct correlation between organic matter content of the soil and resistance of CDAA to evaporation from that soil was shown.



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Determination of Volatility Losses of C14-CDAA from Soil Surfaces

  • J. M. Deming (a1)


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